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Our Mission

Resolute Partners Group’s (RPG) mission is to deliver outstanding service and investment returns to our clients while at the same time offering unequaled levels of engagement and insight sharing that allows clients to “become better investors.”

To achieve our mission, RPG accepts that often index-based investment solutions are the most efficacious. Alpha, conceptually seductive, is generally elusive on an after-tax, after-fee basis.

We accept that our biggest value add may be our tireless commitment to client service. We delight in filling in the blanks and completing the next steps. We put time back into our clients' day so they can focus on what’s most important to them.

RPG, purposely, works with very few clients. Our engagements are entirely customized and tailored for each client’s unique needs and goals.

For Resolute Partners Group, the word “partner” encompasses our clients. Our clients are our partners at every step. RPG bristles at the traditional ethos that financial advisors are better investors or smarter than their clients. Our clients have run large businesses, taken companies public. They are industry leaders. The patriarchal view that “Wall Street knows best” is inapplicable. Rather, we work alongside our clients to collaborate, iterate, and optimize their strategic financial plans.

  • We obsess over the Client:  We are relentless in working to make our Clients’ lives better.

  • We are strong team players:  We believe everyone is accountable to each other.

  • We seek diverse opinions:  We seek and listen to opinions from every perspective we can find.

  • We work through adversity:  Challenges are the fabric of learning and improvement.

  • We are data-driven:  We use data and quantitative thinking to guide decisions.

  • We are curious:  Each new scenario makes us better.

  • We learn from mistakes:  We push ourselves, if we fall, we get up wiser.

  • We maintain high standards:  We focus on what is critical, set high standards, and continually improve

  • We obsess about ethics:  Our word, our honesty, is our foundation

Our Guiding Principles

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